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The Japanese population has been prevented from accessing Nirvana for a long time, and that has generating emotional instability in society turning coexistence into a serious situation. After an unfortunate family tragedy (due to social upheaval), the monk Sadao loses the family and suffers a partial paralysis, which condemns him to spend the days of his life isolated. Time is on your He finishes and knows it. Sadao, on the verge of vital collapse and shrouded in fears and pains, decides to spend his last days in darkness and absolute secrecy meditating with Gigaku, the set of masks that his family had kept for hundreds of years and unfortunately, they had been left without heirs.

Gigaku grants you permission to access Nirvana. Not only does it allow you to move without restrictions within Satori, but also, by helping to release Nirvana, accumulate the karma necessary for heal your paralysis in real life and stop the transmigration of your soul. I knew I would have migrated in short time. Sadao, decides to break with his fateful future, to avoid the brutal outcome. Nirvana has been conquered for centuries by gods doomed to extinction. Gods Defeated in other times are using Nirvana as a vital sustenance in order to acquire a life immortal. Sadao is the only monk with access to him, and change is expected from him. The Nirvana Purger. Sadao must fight and cleanse the Nirvana of the Gods, who have been occupying it with their corruptions, and have been dragging Japanese society into hecatomb.


Satori.zip 2 GB

Install instructions

Download zip file and extract. Execute SATORI.exe file. Enjoy!


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Such a nice game!Japanese aesthetics are so acurated and the gameplay feels smooth and good. The part that I have enjoyed the most are the last boss (both of them hehe). 

Good job!